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The First NFFCS Rankings

"(Jamaican accent) Call me now for your free football rankings!!"

I know you’ve all been patiently waiting, and this week I am premiering my NotFantasyFootball Championship Series standings. It is a complex formula comprised of the USA Today Poll, the Harris Poll, several computer polls, my magic eight ball and the Ms. Cleo poll. I will be keeping this poll of the top-10 teams in the country for the rest of the year, and set up the NFFCS tournament after the weekend of the conference championship games.

Without further ado, here are the first NFFCS rankings!

Team                                     USA Today                Harris Poll               Computer Average               Magic 8 Ball                                   Ms. Cleo

1. LSU                                        1                               1                                        1(Tie)                        Signs point to yes.                                1

2. Stanford                               2                               3                                            8                             Ask again after Oregon.                        2

3. Oklahoma St.                       3                                2                                          1(Tie)                        Outlook good.                                      5

4. Boise St.                               5                               5                                            4                              Don’t count on it.                                3

5. Alabama                              4                               4                                            3                              Reply hazy, try again.                         10

6. Oklahoma                            7                               7                                            5                               It is decidedly so.                                6

7. Oregon                                6                               6                                             7                              Better not tell you now.                      4

8. Arkansas                             8                               8                                             6                               It is certain.                                        8

9. Clemson                            10                               9                                             9                              My reply is no.                                     9

10. Houston                            11                             11                                          13                            Outlook not so good.                            7

Magic 8 Ball Analysis

While the Magic 8 ball obviously knows all, it sure isn’t spilling the beans on who is going to win this weekend’s Pac 12 showdown between Stanford and Oregon. The 8 ball is very high on LSU and Oklahoma State, while it also thinks Oklahoma and Arkansas have great chances to make late season splashes. Unfortunately, the 8 ball is also a realist, and it is all too aware of the system working against small conference schools like Boise State and Houston. The 8 ball also seems to have lost all faith in Clemson, likely due to their poor defensive performance against Georgia Tech.

Ms. Cleo Analysis

After hours of consulting her tarot cards, Ms. Cleo has come back with an interesting list. She seems very down on Alabama, citing A.J. McCarron’s inconsistent play, a poor kicking game and unimaginative play calling as reasons for the Tide’s fall. On the flip side of that, she loves Houston’s high-powered passing attack, fueled by quarterback Case Keenum’s deadly accurate arm. In fact, it seems Ms. Cleo is a sucker for a good offense, ranking Stanford, Oregon, Boise State and Oklahoma State in her top-5.

Game I will definitely be watching

Duh, I’m gonna be in Palo Alto, so I think I have to watch Oregon at Stanford. This is the biggest game on the Pac 12 schedule this year, and is sure to a much higher scoring affair than last week’s SEC showdown. It will be the Ducks and their “Blur” offense attempting to run wild on a solid Stanford defense, while Andrew Luck tries to lead the balanced Stanford attack against a speedy Oregon D. Gonna be a fun one.

Most interesting betting line

TCU at Boise State(-15.5)

It’s amazing to me that this line has not come down at all. It opened at 15.5 and has stayed there all week. There is no doubt the Broncos are the superior team this year, but they have actually been less than impressive defensively this season. Against any team with a pulse, Boise is giving up over 20 points a game, and TCU has gone from a defensive minded team to an explosive offensive power.

Part of me thinks Boise could blow out TCU, but these two teams have sort of a “who’s the best team to be left out of the title game unfairly” rivalry, so I think the Horned Frogs will be ready. Add in the fact that Boise is only 4-4 against the spread this year, and I really don’t know what to think of this one.


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